Until the Ribbon Breaks

Until the Ribbon Breaks’s album Until the Ribbon Breaks was a pretty solid album. There are 4 songs on the album: A Taste of Silver, Perspective ft. Homeboy Sandman, Sam Smith- Nirvana Until the Ribbon Breaks Reimagination, Phantogram- Fall in Love Until the Ribbon Breaks Reimagination. A Taste of Silver reminded me of the Black Keys, while Fall in Love and Nirvana reminded me of Odeza. The song Perspective has some hip hop in it, which is cool, because it makes the song alternative.
I think it is definitely worth listening to. Every song in the Until the Ribbon Break’s album is different and unique. These four songs are now apart of my personal library.

They can be listened to on Soundcloud and a few of their songs are on Spotify.

Under Pressure by Logic

Under Pressure is Logic’s first studio album released by Def Jam Recordings and Visionary Music Group. It was released October 21, 2014 and debuted on Billboard 200 at #4.  Many of the beats have samples including Jeff Beck, The Mohawks and Marvin Gaye. Lyrically the album is really solid and he manages to combine pump-up main stream rap while still managing to tell a story. I really enjoyed the complete album, it kept me hooked throughout it. The album didn’t get as much hype as it deserves. The singles “Under Pressure” and “Growing Pains” are two of the best tracks on the album, along with “Gang Related” and “Metropolis.” Also between songs he has the electronic voice “Thalia” who shares difffent facts about the album and about Logic himself. It puts an interesting “fun fact” into the album. Overall I would rate the album an 8.5/10.

-Chris Brachlow

Forever Came Calling- What Matters Most

This selection of eleven songs coming from Forever Came Calling brings us back to the days of 2000s with the whiny voiced angst teenagers. But theres nothing like that. That age of Alternative music was all about the teens and how angry they were at the world. This album is a perfect reincarnation of that sound bringing back the problems we all had in our high school days.

For those that love the old type of music that makes you want to shut yourself into your room and vent to walls, this is the music for you. The band does a great job with the buildups throughout the album, but they aren’t creating anything out of the ordinary. The riffs are repetitive just like every alternative song, facing the appeal of the music solely around what the singer is saying.

They were able to throw in a nice acoustic song on track six, slowing down the pace of the album. It was a nice change to the sound of the album. There were a few nice buildups dispersed through the album but there was nothing out of the ordinary on this album. If you love the sounds of Blink 182 or Sum 41, you’ll love Forever Came Calling. Just a little less whiny with a little more guitar thrown in there.

By Alex Cannata

Aer- “Aer” (2014)

So, here I am, writing my one required album review for the semester. I figured I’d go out of my comfort zone and review something that isn’t rock. WHAT TODD? DID YOU SAY SOMETHING THAT ISN’T ROCK?! Yes, yes I did. So, here it is: my album review for Aer’s self titled album “Aer”, which is in the genre of…god help me……RAP.

Ok, so I actually like Aer a lot (I’ve seen them twice in the course of less than a year. Don’t judge). Having said this, I wanted to view the album critically and constructively, to try and see it from a diff……Oh what the hell I am saying? I listened to this album fully expecting the typical Aer sound. I got it and then some.

Every song on this wonderfully crafted album reeks of groove, supa hot fire lyrics and a hell of a lot of swag. Songs like “I’m With It” hook you in with a catchy groove and then Carter and Dave shell out some serious lines. “Whatever We Want” should be the new ‘I’m with my crew and we don’t give a damn’ theme. And don’t get me started on “Sincerely”. This song was the first song I heard off the album a couple of months back and I knew from this one song that the entire album would be nothing less than perfect. Carter Schultz and Dave von Mering, you make me proud to be part of the Fresh Aer Movement.

So, my final thoughts on this album? If you don’t buy it, you are doing it wrong. VERY WRONG.

Hope by Manchester Orchestra

Hope by Manchester Orchestra was released on September 16, 2014 and is one of the best albums I have heard in a while. You may think to yourself, “oh this album only has acoustic versions of the songs on Cope, it can’t be anything special,” but that is where you are wrong. I was expecting the same thing, just some normal acoustic recordings, but nothing of significance, but I have learned to never EVER doubt Manchester Orchestra. They are not just any acoustic recordings with an acoustic guitar and softer vocals, they have so much more to them. In songs such as See It Again you hear extra soft vocals in the background that send chills up your arms, and if chills up your arms are not enough for you then you can move on to songs such as All That I Really Wanted. During this song there are more string instruments added which sound like violins and possibly cellos, which will ultimately send chills down your spine, which will hopefully be enough. If you make the mistake of just listening to Cope and not Hope by Manchester Orchestra, I do feel sorry for you and send my deepest apologies for the heavenly music that your ears are so unfortunately missing.