Dolly Spartans- Self Titled

Dolly Spartans is an indie rock band that has vibes of The Strokes, Morning Benders and post punk indie pop. The album itself has a pretty eclectic mix of songs and garners sounds from garage rock to jangle pop but at the core it all still holds to the influence from the Strokes with it’s lead singers droneing voice and the loud guitar riffs and slapdash drumming. The songs are easy to sing along to and easy to get into. it’s really good driving music for when your alone and wanna jam out like an insane person. The track Don’t Be Sad is a highlight of the album it’s just all along catchy get stuck in our head material. I’d rate the album a solid six out of ten it is nothing special but it is definitley some good tunage. They have potential to be a pretty good rock outfit and I am pretty intrested in seeing what they come out with in the future.

Barren Seranade – Elephant Wrecking Ball

Barren Seranade by Elephant Wrecking Ball was a very pleasant surprise. The band clearly demonstrates a high level of technical skill, as well as chemistry through their tighter than tight rhythms, and beautiful, but also at times very “out there” melodies. As hard as it may be to believe, the band is only a trio, consisting of a drummer, a bassist, and a trombonist. Scott Flynn, the trombonist, hooks his trombone up through a rig of all different kinds of effect pedals, which give his playing a very interesting, distinct, and for lack of a better word, cool sound, which is simply captivating. Their songs clearly have a jazzy dub influence, but it’s certainly difficult to put concrete label on this band as a whole, for their sound is unlike anything that I’ve heard and is experimental to say the least. Throughout history, so many things in music have been done over and over again, and in this day and age, it’s harder than ever to escape the generics and create something fresh and new. If you’re into that spacey sound, jazz, appreciate technical and theoretical skill, or are just looking for something fresh and unlike anything you’ve ever heard, you’ve gotta give Barren Seranade a listen.


– Brian Carducci

“Live and Die” EP by Geneviève Bellemare

Genevèive Bellmare’s new EP ‘Live and Die’ is a balance of jazz, indie rock rhythms and a light and smooth voice. Having worked with producers such as Mitchell Froom, Paul O’duffy, busbee and Tony Berg, it’s clear that Bellemare’s album was carefully composed. However, she still has a long way to go. The Live and Die EP had very slow tempo, repetitive and gloomy beats that made me fall asleep rather than draw me into her music. It’s mainly seen in her now released single “Live and Die” but it’s clear there was an attempt to make it a little upbeat in “The Way” and “Riddle” but she still comes out short. Although, I find that her song “Hiding Space” is the best track within the EP because it has a good balance between the gloomy jazz and indie rock beat that critics have acclaimed her for. Overall, Genevèive has a mediocre start and I’m hoping to see if there are any improvements in future singles and/or albums.

Song by Song Ratings:
Track 1: Live and Die – 2/5
Track 2: Hiding Space – 4/5
Track 3: Riddle – 3/4
Track 4: The Way – 1/5

Until the Ribbon Breaks

Until the Ribbon Breaks’s album Until the Ribbon Breaks was a pretty solid album. There are 4 songs on the album: A Taste of Silver, Perspective ft. Homeboy Sandman, Sam Smith- Nirvana Until the Ribbon Breaks Reimagination, Phantogram- Fall in Love Until the Ribbon Breaks Reimagination. A Taste of Silver reminded me of the Black Keys, while Fall in Love and Nirvana reminded me of Odeza. The song Perspective has some hip hop in it, which is cool, because it makes the song alternative.
I think it is definitely worth listening to. Every song in the Until the Ribbon Break’s album is different and unique. These four songs are now apart of my personal library.

They can be listened to on Soundcloud and a few of their songs are on Spotify.

Under Pressure by Logic

Under Pressure is Logic’s first studio album released by Def Jam Recordings and Visionary Music Group. It was released October 21, 2014 and debuted on Billboard 200 at #4.  Many of the beats have samples including Jeff Beck, The Mohawks and Marvin Gaye. Lyrically the album is really solid and he manages to combine pump-up main stream rap while still managing to tell a story. I really enjoyed the complete album, it kept me hooked throughout it. The album didn’t get as much hype as it deserves. The singles “Under Pressure” and “Growing Pains” are two of the best tracks on the album, along with “Gang Related” and “Metropolis.” Also between songs he has the electronic voice “Thalia” who shares difffent facts about the album and about Logic himself. It puts an interesting “fun fact” into the album. Overall I would rate the album an 8.5/10.

-Chris Brachlow