“World EP” – Scientist (by Megan Manfredi)


The World EP by Scientist really rocked my world. The opening track, “Coming Up”, could stand on its own against many alternative and pop songs heard on the radio today. The song brings together both a current electronic-based pop style, similar to Passion Pit, and a strong foundation of alternative that shows the band is diverse in their songwriting. The band was listed to sound like The Killers, and I could definitely hear it; however, it also had more of a punk edge to it. The lyrics are catchy without being annoying or ridiculous, which is a some rarity for new alternative and pop artists.

The second song, “Deep Down”, takes a different direction, but not in a bad way. The song begins with an MGMT-style mystical feel and slowly returns to the louder alternative style of the previous track. The lyrics and vocals fail to disappoint, and the song moves the EP along nicely.

The third track, “Criminal”, begins with a piano intro that has a creepy feeling, which then slips into a harsher feeling than any of the other songs. This song is by far the angriest on the EP, crossing the line from alternative to punk pop, and although it may be different, it still worked for the band. The lyrics that were slightly screamed were done so with a purpose.

The title track, “World”, followed after and brought the vibe back to mellow. The vocals on this song are awesome, combining sugary harmonies with the alternative basis that is laced throughout the EP. The song is essentially about the power of love having the ability to change the world, and Scientist made me believe it.

The final song on the EP, “Forest”, brought the styles of all of the other ones before it together. The song was arranged really well and it brings the EP together really nicely. Overall, the World EP was very impressive and I am looking forward to hearing more out of Scientist.

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