Why you should know-Echosmith’s “Talking Dreams”

Echosmith’s debut album “Talking Dreams” was released in October of last year, and select students at Quinnipiac were lucky to see these young music-hopefuls play this past January.

They’ve already been labeled as a Band You Need to Know by AP Magazine, and I can see why. From a live perspective, I commend them because they found a way to transform a small gymnasium and get the crowd going for an hour long set. This was my first exposure to this band, and it got me curious to hear how the band’s first album sounds.

The Sierota siblings formed Echosmith in 2009, and their song “Tonight We’re Making History” was featured in the 2012 Summer Olympics for NBC. The band is very young, with ages ranging from 20 to 14 years old.  Each song on the album has its own unique spin to it, but it’s definitely an album I found myself wanting to listen to from start to finish.

Every song on here is aurally pleasing, but tracks 2, 3, 4, 10, and 11 are easily my Fab Five.

Track 2- Let’s Love has a very upbeat sound, and you can sense a bit of Paramore influence in it, with a mix of Joy Division getting in there as well. The song itself talks about the stresses about an everyday relationship and how to escape from it all while they’re still young.

Track 3- Cool Kids, featured in TeenNick’s New Year’s Eve Countdown in 2013 is also very catchy, and has a message behind the struggles of being accepted. It’s something you can definitely find yourself singing simply because of how easygoing the chorus is.

Track 4- March Into The Sun continues the message of just living for today. They say that they were influenced by those who thought they were going to die in the 2012 Rapture (hint hint: we didn’t) and that they forgot to live life to the fullest thinking negatively.

Track 5-Come With Me has a very cool guitar riff that’s also pleasant to listen to about giving your heart to the person you love. It’s peaceful because it slows the pace down from the early parts of the album which continues for a little while. (Side note: If you like Taylor Swift circa 2007 when she actually sounded like a country singer, then you’ll like track 6).

Track 10- Nothing’s Wrong was absolutely amazing to listen to live. It has a beach-song type feel mixed with the sounds of Young the Giant. My only criticism for the studio version was that the drums did not come in quite as hard as the live version. The live performance coming from vocalist-turned-drummer Sydney Sierota really got the crowd going, and I feel it’s slightly more subtle in the studio version. Granted, it’s very catchy and I recommend you give it a listen, and possibly see them live to try  and prove me wrong.

Track 11- Safest Place gets the last spot on my Fab Five simply because it continues the trend of catchy songs with entertaining lyrics.

This band has received criticism for a lack of originality, but personally I don’t see the same thing. Keep in mind that this band is very young and that their music has been influenced by previous bands.

When you click play on Echosmith’s “Talking Dreams,” enter with an open mind. I guarantee that you’ll come out a fan craving for more.

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