The Need by Honey and the 45s

I try my very best to listen to new music objectively when I get a CD from the radio station submissions. Sometimes music is good but only within its genre and sometimes it just kind of sucks, period. Honey and the 45s was thankfully the former. Honey and the 45s are sort of country western rock. I was going to classify them as country, but I could see non-country fans listening to them.

Honey and the 45s consists of two lead female singers and some crunchy guitars, violins, and occasionally some upright bass. This band could probably be in the soundtrack for a modern movie about the old west and I wouldn’t be surprised or disappointed by it. Their name is also pretty appropriate. They’re as old school sounding as a 45 with a little bit of honey, courtesy of their talented female lead singers Kristina Cottone and Kim Kozel.

This 5 song EP of theirs is, overall, worth a listen for anyone that likes country or country western style rock. I don’t know anyone at WQAQ who’s into that kind of music, but within that general genre, they’re pretty damn good. I especially liked the last track “Believe,” which is a quiet riding tune. It’s just an acoustic guitar and vocals and later some quiet drums and accents of electric guitar. It really lets the vocals shine through and they’re pretty impressive.

Even though I’m not at all into this genre of music, I’ve got to hand it to Honey and the 45s for still holding my attention.


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