“Secondhand Rapture” – Ms Mr

Secondhand Rapture by the band Ms Mr will appeal to any miss or mister out there that loves music with beautiful, unique melodies and deep, meaningful lyrics. I had never heard of this band before listening to the album, but I’m certainly sorry that I hadn’t gotten into them sooner. Each song takes the listener into a trance, hooking them in with catchy words that still find a way to remain poignant and make sense.

“Hurricane” is the first song on the album, and it lives up to its number one spot. Haunting, with an almost ethereal air to it, the song introduces the album with the lyrics “Welcome to the inner workings of my mind, so dark and foul I can’t disguise”. As the album progresses, these lyrics ring true with songs like “Bones”, “Head Is Not My Home”, and “Twenty Seven”, all which have darker tones to them.

This is by no means a happy-go-lucky, bop along to the radio kind of album. These songs are deep and well thought out, and can actually get slightly creepy at times. I could easily hear them on the soundtrack of a drama, which makes sense, since one of the songs off of this album was in the season 3 trailer of the HBO show Game of Thrones.

This doesn’t mean that the songs aren’t relatable. “Think of You” is a classic break up song, and anyone who has suffered unfair heartbreak would be able to find common ground with this track. A line from the hook of the song “Salty Sweet” could also hit home with most people, “We fear rejection, prize attention, crave affection”. I love so many of the lyrics in these songs; when I heard some of them for the first time, it was like something clicked in my head saying, “Oh yeah, that actually makes sense to me” and I love when songs get me to think like that.

Percussion plays a big part on this album, with solid, static drum beats evident in many of the songs. I think that’s what adds to the whole enigmatic theme of the album. It can get a little repetitive at times, but I still find it a positive asset to the music.

Overall, this album was exceptional. I would recommend it to anyone who isn’t put off by the grim melodies, and even if that’s not your thing, you should still check it out. Ms Mr is a real diamond in the rough, and if you dig deep enough, you’re going to get a lot of satisfaction out of this gem.

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