Organik Time Machine – Until The Morning Sun

Organik Time Machine is a four-piece band, consisting of Cory Harrell, Jessie Ostreicher, Veronica DeWitt and Matt Grub, who on their website claim to “defy genres.” They put out the album Until The Morning Sun, and when I tell you their music is repetitive, I absolutely mean it. This album made me feel like I was waiting in line at Disney World for Space Mountain or just waiting in line for anything in general. It’s the type of music that’s so repetitive you end up tuning it out without even realizing you’re doing so. I wish I had an Organik Time Machine (or really any sort of time machine for that matter) to travel back a week ago and tell myself to never listen to this album.

In all honesty, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve listened to, but it was definitely up there. If I had to choose out of all the songs “Get Some” was probably one of their better ones on the album; being one of the least repetitive and a little more interesting when they incorporated different instruments. Although it seems like one of the more tolerable songs a little over a minute and a half into it you start to hear these dreadful vocals that are very auto-tuned and whiny.

The fourth track on the album “Big Night On Earth” had a more interesting and promising start than the rest of the songs, but that doesn’t say much due to the fact that all the other tracks on the album were relatively boring. The reason for it being more compelling than the others was all the instruments right off the bat such as drums, guitar etc., which stay throughout the entire song. Since the instruments are played through the entire song it helps keep you from zoning out while listening to it.

Another song off the album called “Fedrizzi” was nothing special in the beginning, although there was some drums in the background it just kept repeating itself over and over. Towards the middle it got a tiny bit better once more instruments were added in, but then disappointingly around the three-minute mark you hear those awful vocals again, which made it very difficult to get through the song.

Some of their songs just seemed impossible to get through seeing as they were over ten minutes of the same thing over and over again. The seventh track on their album was sixteen minutes long, which felt like a lifetime even trying to get past the six-minute mark. If you ask me they should cut down a majority of their songs to make them more tolerable.




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