Orange – Diamond Youth

We got an AMAZING CD from Top Shelf Records a week ago. This gem is none other than the six-song EP Orange by Diamond Youth. Diamond Youth is a 3 piece indie rock band from Baltimore. They rock and they rock out loud! Apparently they’ve become quite popular in the underground scene. I learned recently that they’re touring with other indie metal bands Polar Bear Club and Citizen and they were even at The Space. Unfortunately we missed that show! And there was much sadness.

Anyway, as far as Diamond Youth’s first EP goes, it’s a great piece of work. They aren’t exactly metal, but fans of harder rock wouldn’t feel too left out listening to these guys. They’re first song on the EP “Cannonball” starts off with a great crunchy guitar riff that right away you can tell is going to be great. The lead guitarist lets loose some really great melodies that really carry the rhythm guitar’s hard riff smoothly through the whole tune. One of the really interesting things about the band is the lead singer’s voice combined with their music. Their music is loud and rocks hard but their lead singer has a nice clean and almost whisky quality to it. It oddly compliments the loud guitars and it’s especially incredible when his “Ooo’s” are in perfect unison with the lead guitar. It’s catchy as hell and I found myself singing the chorus to myself when I was passing time online.

The other notable tracks on this EP include “Separator,” “Orange” (the title track), and “Swinging From You.” What’s great about the second track “Separator” is that the lead singer is really able to show off his vocal talent! With some great runs and impressive mastery of his range, Diamond Youth really hits the second track out of the park with a fast tune that hits you like an amazing slow jam would. The title track, “Orange” focuses on how loud Diamond Youth can really be with a crazy metal guitars and garage band style drums that just do not want to quit. It really knocks your socks off with not only its speed but its power. The last recommended track, “Swinging From You,” marries both of the previous tracks’ styles into an incredible song that has one of the best intros I’ve ever heard in an indie rock song. It’s not only rocks hard but it’s also beautiful melodically. All in all, this is a great album.

Diamond Youth is a very refreshing example of true talent in the indie rock scene. They’re not only able to hit high volumes hard with their guitar riffs, but they’re also able to comfortably play around and sway with majors and minors together in one track. I highly recommend this album to anyone who likes rock. It’s well worth a listen.

You can listen to Orange or their other amazing albums for free on their bandcamp page. They released a version of “Christmas Time is Here” from A Charlie Brown Christmas that’s not only appropriate for the upcoming season, it’s also definitely worth a listen. They’re playing in Seattle over Thanksgiving break and someone might actually have to stop me from buying myself a plane ticket to see their show.

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