“Old” – Danny Brown (by Chris Lee)

After critical acclaim with his project XXX, Detroit native Danny Brown returns again with his highly anticipated debut album, Old. With familiar producers, including Paul White, SKYWLKR, and Rustie, Brown delivers a 19-track album, splitting the LP into 2 sides, Side A and Side B.


Side A is the side of the project that has Brown over more traditional sounding hip-hop beats, but with the Danny Brown flair that fans love that you can hear on XXX. The opening track, “Old”, has Brown spitting ferocious verses stating that his fans and others want the “old Danny Brown” back, but telling fans that he’s always been here.


The highlight of the album comes right after the intro, with “The Return”, which featuring fellow gangster rapper Freddie Gibbs. The track is a reimagining of the classic Outkast track “Return of the G”. Laced over a smooth beat from Paul White, Danny and Gibbs steal the album with fantastic verses, equally as good to each other. A must listen.


Side A continues to impress with tracks like “Clean Up”, going into the personal problems of Danny Brown’s life, the grimy production of “Dope Fiend Rental” including a zany Schoolboy Q delivering a great verse as well, and the eerie “Lonely” that sounds like a fairy tale story gone wrong.


Side B introduces a new side of Danny Brown that has been emerging as of late with features on “1Train” off ASAP Rocky’s debut album, that includes the hyper and high-pitched flow that is truly love or hate.


The highlight on Side B is the production; with absolutely ridiculous beats that only Danny Brown could rap on. The A-Track produced “Break It (Go)” will make any sound system rumble with bass and the EDM produced “Smokin and Drinkin” will be a fan favorite at live shows.


Side B seems as if it was made to be played live, and his dedicated fans will go crazy to these tracks, as well as Danny himself.


A lot of speculation was going into this album talking about if Danny could replicate the greatness that is found on XXX, and Danny has delivered. Catering to the traditional hip-hop fans on Side A as well as EDM and trap lovers on Side B, with absolutely fantastic production on every track, this album was made for fans of multiple genres and Danny delivers on all fronts.

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