Goodnight Tonight – Watch the Rain

A good way to describe a band and their sound is to compare them to other more well-known bands. Some people, usually the bands being described, don’t like this kind of description because it “labels them” or defines them by other people’s work or some other bullshit of that kind. In the case of the band Goodnight Tonight, however, it’s pretty appropriate. Goodnight Tonight sounds like Paramore if Paramore sucked a lot. The band is composed of Emily Gambone on guitar and vocals, Holly Camp on bass, and Logan McNeal on Drums. Their 6 song album, “Watch the Rain,” consists of some decent vocals backed by really predictable and boring guitar. Overall, it’s just not very exciting.

Their first song, “The Only Thing I Know” starts out excitingly enough with some hard hitting snare and a fast-paced bass line. I was hoping for the rest of it to be as good, but unfortunately the vocals came in and made it sound boring and not anything special. The lyrics are typical “you’re such a bad guy but I can’t stay away” crap. Unfortunately this song is as good as this album gets. The rest of this album is basically the same kind of typical female rock. They essentially prove that their whiney lyrics and boring rock riffs are “the only thing they know.”

The second track “Poison” is essentially the same thing. It isn’t bad, but it’s pretty repetitive and is longer than it needs to be. It’s a tad more interesting because of a slight change up in tempo throughout parts of the song but again, there’s not a whole lot of variation. The next song “Thunderstorm” is more of the same. Essentially this part of the album lists of things I’d rather suffer through than the rest of this album.

The biggest problem with this album is that the lead singer’s lyrics are completely unoriginal and whiney. No matter what song you are listening to off of Watch the Rain, they’re all about how some jerk did her wrong or broke her heart. Literally every single song is about some guy she dated or wanted to date. The trend was confirmed when I found out that the second to last track is titled, “Lieutenant James.” I couldn’t even sit through that one because she just keeps saying “Lieutenant James” in almost every line of the song. Because of this it was clear that it was a song where the title was thought of first and the lyrics were written after. That’s not always a bad thing if you don’t just keep repeating the title over and over again.

The last track “Back On My Feet Again” is an acoustic-y rock ballad. This song wasn’t actually bad but again it’s at this point in the album that your sick of Emily Gambone whining about her feelings so it’s kind of hard to sit through. Basically, this album is a tiresome female rocker fronted waste of time. There aren’t any good hooks or amazing vocals so it’s just really not worth listening to. I would not recommend Goodnight Tonight’s music to anyone that doesn’t wanna hear a girl drone on about how this one guy she dated was such a jerk. If you really want that, you can just listen to Taylor Swift. Either way, you’re not gonna have a great time.

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