“Fever Hunting” – Modern Life Is War

I’ve listened to a lot of really bad music with screaming in it.  You hear them all the time at mass metal concerts; really bad bands that just scream and rip guitar riffs while maintaining none of the intrinsic value that makes hardcore great.  I had a somewhat similar expectation going into Modern Life is War, but I was pleasantly surprised.  The album Fever Hunting has a lot of political songs and deep lyrics.  One of the songs on their album, “Media Cunt”, is about how the struggle of being true to oneself versus the pressure of the media.  The graphic title isn’t offensive; it makes a point.

Another thing I like about the album was how smoothly one song flowed to the other.  It’s easy to tell that this album was meant to be listened to as an album, an old school aspect of music that’s classic and shows a lot of musical talent.  If the whole album has to flow smoothly, it’s more of an art form and takes a lot more work, rather than just putting out an album with a few singles and bad songs throughout the rest of the album.  “Old Fears, New Frontiers” flows smoothly into the beginning of the next track on the CD “Health, Wealth, and Peace.”

Finally, the instrumental work of the band is coherent and flows with the lyrics very well.  The guitar riffs are catchy and the drums compliment the fast-paced hard attitude of hardcore music.  Even when the songs are slower, the progressions of guitar notes and catchy drum bits keep the listener engaged.  Overall, the album was a very good introductory experience to hardcore punk.  I had never listened to this genre before this CD, but comparing it to what I like about similar genres like metal, I’d be more than willing to listen to more stuff like this.


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