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Hope by Manchester Orchestra

Hope by Manchester Orchestra was released on September 16, 2014 and is one of the best albums I have heard in a while. You may think to yourself, “oh this album only has acoustic versions of the songs on Cope, it can’t be anything special,” but that is where you are wrong. I was expecting the same thing, just some normal acoustic recordings, but nothing of significance, but I have learned to never EVER doubt Manchester Orchestra. They are not just any acoustic recordings with an acoustic guitar and softer vocals, they have so much more to them. In songs such as See It Again you hear extra soft vocals in the background that send chills up your arms, and if chills up your arms are not enough for you then you can move on to songs such as All That I Really Wanted. During this song there are more string instruments added which sound like violins and possibly cellos, which will ultimately send chills down your spine, which will hopefully be enough. If you make the mistake of just listening to Cope and not Hope by Manchester Orchestra, I do feel sorry for you and send my deepest apologies for the heavenly music that your ears are so unfortunately missing.

The Guru – Go Easy



The Guru is not only one of my favorites, but a favorite of WQAQ.  Hearing their album “Go Easy” completely reassured my love for their music. In some of their songs, such as their first track, “Go Easy” the incorporation of saxophone and other various instruments make it extremely catchy. Their second track, “Indian Day” is another one of my favorites. There’s no way anyone could listen to this song without wanting to dance. If you haven’t been convinced to listen to this album yet, they have a song called “Guacamole.” Who doesn’t like Guacamole?

If you ever want to brighten your day I highly suggest putting on this album.

Organik Time Machine – Until The Morning Sun

Organik Time Machine is a four-piece band, consisting of Cory Harrell, Jessie Ostreicher, Veronica DeWitt and Matt Grub, who on their website claim to “defy genres.” They put out the album Until The Morning Sun, and when I tell you their music is repetitive, I absolutely mean it. This album made me feel like I was waiting in line at Disney World for Space Mountain or just waiting in line for anything in general. It’s the type of music that’s so repetitive you end up tuning it out without even realizing you’re doing so. I wish I had an Organik Time Machine (or really any sort of time machine for that matter) to travel back a week ago and tell myself to never listen to this album.

In all honesty, it wasn’t the worst thing I’ve listened to, but it was definitely up there. If I had to choose out of all the songs “Get Some” was probably one of their better ones on the album; being one of the least repetitive and a little more interesting when they incorporated different instruments. Although it seems like one of the more tolerable songs a little over a minute and a half into it you start to hear these dreadful vocals that are very auto-tuned and whiny. Read More →