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A Great Big Pile of Leaves

As far as indie- rock bands are concerned, my recent assumption has been that if you’ve heard one you’ve arguable heard them all. A little acoustic here, with a catchy hook, all set to some melodic base line and you’ve got yourself a pretty standard formula for indie-rock. This was not the case for the band A Great Big Pile of Leaves. A Great Big Pile of Leaves is… well… an indie-rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The group is composed of Pete Weiland, Tyler Soucy, Tucker Yaro, and Matt Fazzi.
Their album You’re Always on My Mind consisted of ten songs. At first glance of their cardboard doodle covered album cover I was already fairly excited to give it a listen. I mean, their CD had a pizza on it, how does that not make you want to listen to it? If that’s not enough their lyrics are adorably hilarious and genuinely relatable. Their song “Back to School” encompasses the short lived expectations and inevitable disappointment centered around every new year of school. I really enjoyed these guys, their overall style reminded me faintly of Young the Giant, which if you haven’t listen to I thoroughly encourage that you do.
The tone of the album overall was very nostalgic. As far as my assumption of indie-rock bands go, yes there is a melodic base line but thrust me guys, there’re worth listening to. The great thing about their style is that it’s appropriate for almost every scenario; “Snack Attack” made for great background music while I studied Bio, but the album is also great for road trips, chill party atmospheres and whatever else you can think of really. As far as negatives on this band go, I couldn’t really find any, pretty much everything about this band I enjoyed. For the sake of keeping myself from going full dork over this group I will keep my comment to simply that I liked them, and to all those daring listeners that you give these guys a try.