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Goodnight Tonight – Watch the Rain

A good way to describe a band and their sound is to compare them to other more well-known bands. Some people, usually the bands being described, don’t like this kind of description because it “labels them” or defines them by other people’s work or some other bullshit of that kind. In the case of the band Goodnight Tonight, however, it’s pretty appropriate. Goodnight Tonight sounds like Paramore if Paramore sucked a lot. The band is composed of Emily Gambone on guitar and vocals, Holly Camp on bass, and Logan McNeal on Drums. Their 6 song album, “Watch the Rain,” consists of some decent vocals backed by really predictable and boring guitar. Overall, it’s just not very exciting. Read More →

Antennae by The Premiere

Ok, this was probably one of the most heartbreaking music submissions I’ve ever listened to here at WQAQ. A lot of times I’ll listen to a band and their music and I’ll think to myself, “Man, this band would probably be better if they did this…” I’ve never really felt as heartbroken about a band’s shortcomings as I felt about The Premiere.

According to their label, they sound like such bands as Die Antwoord and Gorillaz. They’re not too far off. The Premiere is essentially two guys making electronic backing music to some rapped verses and choruses. There are also some guitars thrown into the mix. The rapping is pretty good whenever it shows up in each song. The lyrics are pretty good and whoever it is rapping between the two guys (named David Jackman and Adam Wilkey) knows what he’s doing. I genuinely enjoyed the rapped portions of each song and I wish that’s all each song was. Read More →

The Need by Honey and the 45s

I try my very best to listen to new music objectively when I get a CD from the radio station submissions. Sometimes music is good but only within its genre and sometimes it just kind of sucks, period. Honey and the 45s was thankfully the former. Honey and the 45s are sort of country western rock. I was going to classify them as country, but I could see non-country fans listening to them.

Honey and the 45s consists of two lead female singers and some crunchy guitars, violins, and occasionally some upright bass. This band could probably be in the soundtrack for a modern movie about the old west and I wouldn’t be surprised or disappointed by it. Their name is also pretty appropriate. They’re as old school sounding as a 45 with a little bit of honey, courtesy of their talented female lead singers Kristina Cottone and Kim Kozel. Read More →

Orange – Diamond Youth

We got an AMAZING CD from Top Shelf Records a week ago. This gem is none other than the six-song EP Orange by Diamond Youth. Diamond Youth is a 3 piece indie rock band from Baltimore. They rock and they rock out loud! Apparently they’ve become quite popular in the underground scene. I learned recently that they’re touring with other indie metal bands Polar Bear Club and Citizen and they were even at The Space. Unfortunately we missed that show! And there was much sadness. Read More →

Audit Division – Audit Division (Self-Titled EP)

You have some pretty big 80’s-style shoes to fill if you claim that you sound like Depeche Mode. Unfortunately for Techno-group Audit Division, those shoes were way too big to fill. Audit Division’s self-titled 6 song EP really doesn’t hit high marks this week. The band is essentially an 80’s style techno group with two lead singers, a girl and a boy. They were really not good. Of course, with a name like Audit Division, which sounds like no fun at all, that’s about what I expected.

The first problem with their EP is that the songs are all a disproportionate amount of time. The shortest song is almost 5 minutes long and the longest clocks in at 8 1/2 minutes. The songs themselves aren’t terrible, but they are way too long for their quality. It’s really rare that an 8 minute long song is actually worth sitting through, and even the really good ones are hard to sit through. 8 minutes is essentially an eternity in listening-to-music time.

It takes Audit Division’s 8 minute long track titled, “Stay,” a minute or so to get started, and even when it does, it’s not at all worth “staying” for. All of their songs are just sort of bland and hard to get into. They have some okay beats and the singing isn’t terrible, it’s just not anything to write home about and it’s not even worth listening to when it comes right down to it. Making music in the 80’s genre just isn’t going to catch on anymore unless you dress it up a little like M83. I mean when was the last time a Depeche Mode song was on the radio? It’s not a genre worth adding to at this time. Because of that, Audit Division’s self-titled EP is a big swing and a miss.

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