Antennae by The Premiere

Ok, this was probably one of the most heartbreaking music submissions I’ve ever listened to here at WQAQ. A lot of times I’ll listen to a band and their music and I’ll think to myself, “Man, this band would probably be better if they did this…” I’ve never really felt as heartbroken about a band’s shortcomings as I felt about The Premiere.

According to their label, they sound like such bands as Die Antwoord and Gorillaz. They’re not too far off. The Premiere is essentially two guys making electronic backing music to some rapped verses and choruses. There are also some guitars thrown into the mix. The rapping is pretty good whenever it shows up in each song. The lyrics are pretty good and whoever it is rapping between the two guys (named David Jackman and Adam Wilkey) knows what he’s doing. I genuinely enjoyed the rapped portions of each song and I wish that’s all each song was.

The problem with literally every song on this album is that the guy who sings the choruses is overly dramatic; it’s reminiscent of a broadway singer trying to write club music. His vocals ruined every single song on this album that might have actually been pretty damn good. Notably “Unexplained Freedom,” the 13th track of the album, was really really good until the chorus. When it got to the chorus I actually stopped playing it because I couldn’t stand the lead singer’s voice.

On occasion the guy rapping would sing and it would actually sound alright, it’s a shame that he didn’t just sing for the whole album because it might have actually made it onto the station’s new music rotation. Most people know that Gorillaz is one guy, Damon Albarn, who sings the vocals in most of the songs and gets guest rappers to add their verses between his written choruses. The Premiere is somehow the opposite of that. It’s one guy who is a pretty decent rapper that’s dragged down by his terrible singer friend. I don’t know which of the two guys in The Premiere does the rapping, but whichever one he is should break off and find other singers, because he could actually make some good music without his awful partner.

I’m not going to bother going into other specific tracks because they’re all the same basic thing: pretty good rapping over electronic rock backing tracks and a god awful singer.

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