Advertise with Us!

Now you, too, can advertise with WQAQ! We’re currently selling advertising space on our website and underwriting time on air.


We like to think we’re not that demanding here at WQAQ. All advertising revenue goes toward covering our broadcasting costs, upgrading our equipment, putting on awesome concerts, and keeping our staff members happy! Please see the ad kit below for pricing.

On-Air Underwriting

Our on-air underwriting is a 30 second spot produced for your company by our very talented Production department. It is a paid mention of your company (there cannot be any call to actions, since we are a not-for-profit organization) that will be played once every few hours.

Underwriting is only $75 for one month, $125 for one semester, or $200 for the academic year. We have speakers around each cafeteria on campus, meaning that students will hear your ads whether they actively listen to the radio station or not.

Online Ad

Our online ads are 220 x 220 px, and are displayed at the top of the sidebar on each page of our site, created for your company by graphic designers at Quinnipiac. It can advertise your company, a special offer, or an upcoming event. We rotate our ads automatically, so a different ad is displayed each time someone opens the page.

Online advertising is only $15 per month, or $45 per semester. With roughly 2500 website visits per month, wouldn’t your business benefit from new customers at low advertising prices?

For more information, or to purchase Online Ads or Underwriting, contact our Business Manager, Connor Rice.

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